Sunday, August 10, 2014

And die at the same time; the worst of it yet

Taste: iced coffee
Sight: a pink parrot, a painted fence, free books, a magical neighborhood
Sound: "To Lose My Life," White Lies; "Never Forgive," "Bi-Polar," Contempt, Assemblage 23; "Laughing in July," piano in the park
Touch: unicorn plushy
Smell: petunias and phlox; jasmine and campfire smoke
Extra: happiness, uplift, lightness;
"Range after range of mountains
Year after year after year
I am still in love." — Gary Snyder 
Grateful for: dancing

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The art of turning piranhas into Bahamas

Taste: chives
Sight: "I am Dust," Gary Numan directed by IAMX; "Atlantis" by Stephen Cooper,
Sound: "Lithium," Nirvana; "Love Bleed Hurt," Gary Numan; "Lithium can be a miracle drug."
Touch: sobbing
Smell: skunk
Extra: a midnight craving for carrots and hummus; Pratipaksha Bhavana - the art of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones; the end of an abusive relationship
"Poor Bert, I'd say, except Bert is a freestanding catastrophe. I don't feel bad for Bert. He brought this on himself." — "Dim Sun," Maria Dahvana Headley 
Grateful for: endurance

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bright desk lunch: And raspberries were all she ate

Taste: avocado, blueberry, cocoa
Sight: neon pink, green, purple, orange and black butterfly pajamas; bumblebees on stalks of pale green flowers with purple centers; father's face folded into tears
Sound: "Keep hopeful. It’s a chore." — Margaret Atwood; mother's anguish
Touch: yoga in the park
Smell: Vampire Blood incense; a waft of patchouli in a parking lot
Extra: seeing something for the first time and discovering the unknown; discovery;
"I stride along with calm, with eyes, with shoes, / with fury, with forgetfulness." — Pablo Neruda
Grateful for: the globe; walking
"Walking is an indicator species for various kinds of freedoms and pleasures: free time, free and alluring space, and unhindered bodies." — Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Passion flowering in an eve under the supermoon

Taste: fennel, avocado; sweet Russian Trumpeter Imperial Stout, Skagit River Brewery
Sight: a thin white woman in a long flowing white dress skipping beneath a supermoon; a big black man carrying a glistening boa constrictor around his neck on an 86 degree day fingering the tail in one hand; Passion flower-passiflora
Sound: skateboard wheels on the sidewalk
Touch: heat-salt encrusted sweat; 88 degrees
Smell: on a hot day: licorice, sugar cone and incense
Extra: dread; uselessness of anger; an unreliable narrator; Hemmingway-esque six words: Dad walked naked into a pond.; red-haired muscular pale-skinned 20-something year old virgin; long-maned creme and beige spotted horses lying in a field of pink and white wildflowers
Grateful for: dreams

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Two awed octogenarians drinking gin and caramel

Taste: lemon cayenne; raspberry caramel
Sight: two awesome 80 year olds
Sound: cacophony; "Fuck you!"
Touch: runny nose, itching eyes; walking-peripatetic
Smell: smoke
Extra: her otherworldly, compassionate, soulful gaze
 “A truly good book is something as natural, and as unexpectedly and unaccountably fair and perfect, as a wild-flower discovered on the prairies of the West or in the jungles of the East. Genius is a light which makes the darkness visible, like the lightning’s flash, which perchance shatters the temple of knowledge itself--and not a taper lighted at the hearthstone of the race, which pales before the light of common day.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walking
Grateful for: a quiet demeanor;  "Dreamer of World Peace," statue of Peace Leader Sri Chinmoy at Lake Union, installed November 7, 2010 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Psych ward 75 - Through hardships to the stars

Taste: espresso cupcake, black forest cake
blue hydrangeas, pink roses; sweetpeas; the summer evening light falls through the leaves  
Sound: theremin; squealing dryer
unscented flowers, light rose  
Extra: Lady Astronaut of Mars; ad astra per apera; the psychological horror of holidays; dread
Grateful for:
walking; ideas

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A violent de-story of porn and pulled pork

Taste: Campfire Stout, High Water Brewing, marshmallow and chocolate, "S'mores"
green strawberry, daisy, a rat, a bumblebee; blue hydrangeas pink peonies
'This chair belongs to me."; feet walking - step, step, step; sad, jazz singer Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence
feet on pavement, feet on grass; posture upright, open
suicidal family; porn, cigarettes and pulled pork;
"I wish that I could put up yesterday's evening sky for all posterity, could preserve a night of love, the sound of a mountain stream, a realization as it sets my mind afire, a dance, a day of harmony, ten thousand glorious days of clouds that will instead vanish and never be seen again, line them up in jars where they might be admired in the interim and tasted again as needed." — The Faraway Nearby, Rebecca Solnit  
Grateful for: books